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Why spend more when
you don’t have to?

Businesses spend money to make money. The successful ones spend a lot less. That’s where Supply Management comes in—empowering sourcing and purchasing professionals with critical tools in optimizing supplier business relationships and potentially saving a lot of money.

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Application management services from Selectica.

Documenting your documents.

A contract management software is only as good as the contracts contained in its repository. Legacy contracts have been a pain point among enterprises. With Selectica Contract Discovery, you can consolidate and gain visibility to all your past contracts no matter what format they’re in, or where they reside.

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Find all your contracts. Contract discovery and discovery analytics solutions from Selectica.

Get facts behind the numbers.

There’s a lot to consider when you’re evaluating a Contract Management Solution for your company. Find out the impact it can have on your business—the savings in time, the increase in proposal volume, and higher customer renewal rate.

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Facts and numbers on benefits and impact of Contract Lifecycle Management solution on a business

What are your CM red flags?

We want to set the record straight on managing contracts in the cloud. Our contract management solution will dispel any doubts you may have by addressing your concerns, then providing the facts. Spoiler alert: happy ending.

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Already supporting successful enterprise companies around the world.

Plain and simple, we’ve outgrown using several methods on multi systems for managing our contracts. With Selectica CLM, we’ll have a flexible, automated system in place to keep track of renewals, deadlines, and time-sensitive contract activities, and ensure that we’re maintaining pristine compliance with the internal and external regulations that are critical to our business.
- Anthony Kurban, Chief Information Officer, Averda

Our business success revolves around speed in configuring and quoting customized, build-to-print products. With Selectica configuration technology, we’ve been able to improve our overall sales effectiveness, increasing our average order size and number of quotes per day, along with reducing time-to-quote to just a few minutes.
- Rob Forand, Director of Administration at Epec Technologies

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