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IACCM Americas Forum 2014: Turning Contracts into Business Intelligence

Erick Mott
Written by Erick Mott on Oct 12, 2014

Selectica to participate at the IACCM Americas Forum at Chicago.

Selectica clients, partners, and solution experts are attending the IACCM Americas Forum 2014 this week in Chicago. We look forward to meeting attendees to discuss their contract management challenges and opportunities.

In today’s compliance-oriented and networked environment, contracts aren’t just documents anymore. They’re strategic and financial assets that can be leveraged across enterprises to empower critical planning and decision-making. From upstream procurement and sourcing strategies to downstream contract management solutions, we enable our customers to rise above silos to improve revenue and reduce risk at the enterprise level.

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Selectica: A Public Success Story

Blaine Mathieu
Written by Blaine Mathieu on Oct 08, 2014

Being a public company puts Selectica in a unique position in our industry. Smaller, private competitors don’t have to release their results so it is impossible to know how they are really doing. At the other end of the scale, the competitors that have been gobbled up by larger public companies (i.e. Emptoris -> IBM; Ariba -> SAP) are buried deep inside their massive public company parents.

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Contract Management Software is Making a Difference for General Counsel

Prashant Dubey
Written by Prashant Dubey on Sep 19, 2014

How contract management software is making a difference to general counsel

I spend a lot of time in corporate legal departments and with General Counsel leading these organizations. As with many functional areas within large enterprises, the Office of General Counsel is experiencing constant, and sometimes volatile change.

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How Modern Enterprises Leverage Contracts to Become High-Performing Digital Businesses

Erick Mott
Written by Erick Mott on Sep 02, 2014

On August 26th, experts from DocuSign and Selectica participated in a live webinar that is now on-demand for your immediate access including the presentation file to download. The brief video above gives you a sense of what Patrick Stakenas, Anu Gardiner, and Samson Koletkar discussed from key enterprise trends to practical use cases.

The webinar topic is a popular one that has generated hundreds of registrations to date including a full range of C-suite leaders and enterprise practitioners in corporate legal, strategic sourcing and procurement, compliance and risk management, sales, HR and IT roles. You’ll be in good company if you tune in and download the presentation.

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The Honeymoon is Over

Blaine Mathieu
Written by Blaine Mathieu on Aug 01, 2014

Recently, an industry analyst from Spend Matters published an article entitled “Iasta and Selectica – still in the honeymoon period, or is anyone throwing things yet?” The premise was that many mergers sound good on paper but start to get into trouble fairly quickly in the real world. As the article reveals, that is not the case with Selectica and Iasta, and I’ll tell you why.

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Unleashing or Undermining Your Digital Business?

Erick Mott
Written by Erick Mott on Jul 15, 2014

George Colony of Forrester Research

A recent Forrester Forum for Technology Management Leaders event entitled ‘Unleash Your Digital Business’ provided insightful conversations about turning systems, technologies, and processes into quick-win, high-impact digital capabilities. It’s fair to say that every enterprise today has made some digital business progress. But most organizations, regardless of their size or industry, have much more to achieve and are at risk.

Forrester Forum conversations were focused on how and why to apply digital transformation strategies and new behaviors to help attendees unleash their digital businesses. See new research, insights, and video interviews with Tom Kelley of IDEO and Chris Curran of PwC. 

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The Birth of a New Company

Blaine Mathieu
Written by Blaine Mathieu on Jul 03, 2014

This was a big week for Selectica. With the closing of the transaction, Iasta has now officially joined the Selectica family!

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Partner Opportunities and Successes with Selectica

Patrick Stakenas
Written by Patrick Stakenas on Jul 01, 2014

Overview of Selectica Partner Eco System and opportunities

Since starting our renewed emphasis on strategic alliances in 2014, we have bolstered our partner engagements and formal relationships; one of which led to an announced acquisition on June 5, 2014.

With contracts at the core of business relationships, Selectica has taken a fresh approach in the marketplace driven by what our customers are asking for and market forces at work. Recognized by key analysts firms including Gartner, Forrester Research, Aberdeen and Spend Matters -- we are partnering with technology vendors, systems integrators, legal process outsourcers, and business process outsourcers to offer expanded functionality that helps to differentiate and deliver Selectica’s value proposition worldwide.

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General Counsel’s Changing Role as a Driver for the Compliant and Profitable Digital Business

Erick Mott
Written by Erick Mott on Jun 17, 2014

General Counsel- Annual Conference 2014 NYC.

As part of our Lawyers to Leaders event series, Selectica participated at the 26th Annual General Counsel Conference NYC on June 4 – 5, 2014. Patrick Stakenas served as moderator for the General Counsel Are Now Business Leaders, First panel including Prashant Dubey, Brett Durand, Eva Kripalani, and Scott Rosenberg. We immediately felt right at home among colleagues who understand and are focused on addressing today’s enterprise law department and general counsel challenges and opportunities.

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A New Era for Selectica

Blaine Mathieu
Written by Blaine Mathieu on Jun 04, 2014

Very rarely in a company’s existence are there events that are true ‘inflection points’ – days where the game is changed significantly. Selectica just had one of those days. Iasta, the great company Selectica recently announced the acquisition of, just had one as well. Together we are entering a new era for Selectica. Let me tell you more about it.

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