Contract Lifecycle Management

Controlling risk, generating opportunities
and delivering business value—

Contract management gives you the competitive advantage.

Think about how you currently manage contracts. Could the process be smoother, eliminating bottlenecks, inconsistencies, missed milestones and the lack of access to the contracts you need when you need them?

As the centerpiece of Selectica Contract Management Solutions, SmartContracts provides dynamic, enterprise-wide control over all of your contracts. Far more than just a tactical contract creation tool, it empowers stakeholders to collaborate through a process that offers complete transparency and ensures compliance. It lets everyone work together towards achieving strategic business goals—across departments, divisions, states and even countries.

Ultimately, our CLM lets you turn potential revenue leaks into revenue generators to help drive your business further.

What the analysts say about CLM software:

  • 1-2%

    improvement in revenue

  • 50%

    reduction in contract cycle times

  • 25%

    improvement in contract renewal rates

  • 55%

    improvement in contract compliance

Stats taken from Forrester and Aberdeen

Explore the nine stages of Contract Lifecycle Management:

Contract Lifecycle Management
SmartContracts turns contracts into processes that
are dynamic, transparent and critical to mitigating
risks and driving business value.

(Point to each step for details)

Businesses are built on contracts. Leverage them to build a stronger enterprise with our contract solutions.

"CLM solutions can deliver significant benefits to organizations by eliminating the risk of penalties, lost revenue, lost brand, lost savings or lost opportunity through poorly administered or lost contracts."
-Nigel Montgomery

Easy set up. Full mobility. World-class security

When you need a highly configurable solution or a cloud repository with full mobile accessibility on iPhone, iPad, or Android devices, our professional services team will ensure your system is set up for your specific platform and functioning within your specified time frame. Every contract is protected on an application, network, data and operational level with financial industry-grade 128-bit encryption, backed up and recoverable in the wake of any event.

Full integration with what you’re already running

SmartContracts is platform agnostic; we’ll configure to whatever you have. It integrates seamlessly with, giving you complete end-to-end functionality in standalone or Salesforce client mode. You also benefit from two-way compatibility with all leading ERP, CRP, SRM, procurement systems and business intelligence tools like SAP® Crystal Reports, IBM® Cognos®, and SAP® BusinessObjects, via web services or Oracle JDBC™.

We’ve got your back

Whether you have a full IT staff or are running lean, we’re here for you. Get a set amount of support hours with Selectica Application Management Services or unlimited support access with Selectica Premium Support. We’re here to help with CLM integration needs, functionality enhancements, add-ons or even just maintenance issues. Think of us as your in-house outsource partners, freeing you up to focus on driving business.

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