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Enterprise leaders in more than 20 industries utilize SmartContracts to solve complex issues across multiple platforms. We help them streamline their business applications and keep them compliant with regulations so they can sell more efficiently, create revenue-increasing opportunities and, ultimately, grow their businesses globally.

List of industries that utilize Selectica’s CLM solutions.

Here’s just a sample of who’s using it, and how:


Healthcare is in a rapidly accelerating evolution (think Affordable Care Act) where keeping up is the critical business challenge. Because contracts have become more complicated to manage and regulatory compliance stricter than ever, healthcare organizations need a partner to navigate the ever-changing waters.

SmartContracts ensures that all your necessary contract management compliance tasks—including Stark checks, documentation of pro formas, licensing, tracking of conflict of interest statements, Medicare certification and internal approvals—are complete before contracts are signed. Read more »

Government contracting

Working with government means being under a regulatory microscope, with complex contracting and vendor requirements and distinct compliance needs across a wide range of government entities.

Selectica lets you customize and configure, and control the flow of unique provisions and contract terms to subcontractors while complying with a wide array of government regulations. Translation: Maintain control of FARs while watching out for your own. Read more »

Financial services

Broker-Dealer arrangements, custodial agreements, trusts, RIA vendor relationships—financial services is an industry built on paper trails, documentation and compliance. With ever-increasing scrutiny by regulators from the SEC to FINRA, CFPB and myriad others, a visible, auditable contracting process with an instantly accessible repository is mandatory.

SmartContracts provides a financial industry-specific contract creation process that works with strict legal and compliance mandates. It’s maintained behind-the-firewall so you can be sure contracts are secure and meet complex financial reporting requirements while meeting your business needs.

High tech

Technology changes quickly, and that means speeding the deal flow and keeping the process smooth and agile. With engineering at one end going full tilt, sales at the other end clamoring for new products, there’s legal in the middle feeling like a bottleneck with limited contract management.

SmartContracts allows you to standardize and streamline your entire contract workflow. By establishing consistent, compliant contracting standards on an enterprise-wide basis, you can manage contracts in a complete, secure, automated end-to-end system, regardless of contract complexity.


Retailers are on the front lines of market forces; selling seasons, inventory concerns, fickle customers, macroeconomic trends. Then there are the issues of increased competition from multiple sales channels and the ever-increasing complexity of managing networks of vendors and suppliers. If ever an industry needed real-time situational awareness, it’s retail.

SmartContracts goes beyond contract management to help retail enterprises by streamlining supply chain and sales processes, speeding sales cycles, improving customer service across entire enterprises and geographies and creating revenue opportunities through competitive insights.


Telecommunications is becoming increasingly more competitive and crowded as an industry, while simultaneously experiencing much more demanding, expectant and mobile customers. Whether it’s getting products and services to market faster or finding ways to maintain and grow market share, getting deeper insights and value out of existing assets is a major advantage.

SmartContracts answers the call, giving companies the power to analyze and dissect contracts to see what works and what needs to work better. By overhauling contract creation, processing and management, companies can enhance overall contract performance and discover new revenue opportunities.


Pharmaceutical companies operate in a challenging regulatory environment, with growing resource constraints, fiscal pressure and government oversight. Automating labor-intensive processes like contract management reduces cycle times, mitigates compliance risk and eliminates errors so companies can enhance productivity, maximize staff time and adhere to governing policies and procedures, like Sarbanes-Oxley.

SmartContracts lets enterprises remain compliant through industry-specific solutions that are easily configurable to meet complex contracting procedures. Fully automated CLM capabilities, from initial request to closure with proactive monitoring of obligations, automated workflow approvals and alerts result in faster time-to-value.


Hospitality is a dependency industry exposed to cyclical forces. Alleviating the impact of economic volatility, especially where multiple properties are concerned, requires optimal managing of operating expenses to drive cost savings and achieve efficiencies to improve operating profits.

SmartContracts helps hospitality companies keep costs low while maintaining visibility over spend management and vendor deliverables through robust features like multi-filtering that drill down into contract data to help make better business decisions and improve contract creation.

Contracts are the foundation of all businesses worldwide.

They are essential to accountability, risk mitigation and growth for any enterprise.

Businesses are built on contracts. Leverage them to build a stronger enterprise with our contract solutions