Repository for Contract Lifecycle Management

Your answer to "I need the contract now!"

Contract Warehouse & repository software for enterprise from Selectica.

Storing and finding contracts should be simple. For global enterprises with multiple divisions and departments, tens of thousands of contracts and hundreds of stakeholders involved in the contract process, it’s anything but. Contract visibility is a critical part of controlling your business—including reducing risk—so it’s no wonder that “visibility” is often cited as a top reason enterprise legal teams launch contract management software initiatives.

Homegrown contract management systems do not keep up with a company’s growth, let alone drive growth. SmartContracts offers a virtual warehouse for each and every contract across your organization with multi-filtering that makes it easy to locate, analyze and report on any contract, any clause or any sub-parties.

Searchable cloud-based warehouse for contracts, clauses, sub-parties from Selectica.

Repository at a glance

SmartContracts repository is a searchable cloud warehouse that stores your entire organization’s contracts, allows you to find them easily, and ensures that up-to-the-minute data is available 24-7.

3 key benefits
  • Unparalleled contract visibility throughout the organization
  • Easy access to contract information via a single, searchable database
  • Ability to scale your organization effectively by moving from homegrown systems or spreadsheets

Contract visibility across the enterprise.

Contract visibility matters

Our enterprise-grade contract repository provides advanced features like multi-filtering search capability and notification alerts. Your business gets access and insight into all of your organization’s contracts, thereby minimizing risk, taking days off the audit process and moving slow manual processes to automated, best-in-class efficiency.

It might be time for you to leverage a contract repository if:

  • You're liable for things you don't want to be liable for
  • You've lost a lot of opportunities for renewals
  • You have limited insight into new and existing revenue
  • You have trouble meeting reporting requirements
  • Legal and sales aren't on the same page during the course of a deal
  • Sales has limited visibility into the total cost of a contract
  • You're unable to effectively perform contract analysis
  • Your contracts are an ongoing source of risk

Get all of your players on the same playing field:

Third-party vendors, geographically dispersed departments and thousands of contracts in a variety of systems can lead to contract chaos. Selectica’s SmartContracts repository software not only organizes your contracts, but also ensures everyone involved in contract creation, approval, maintenance, and renewal—including legal, sales, finance, and administrative teams—has real-time access to current contract data.

Going from manual to automation:

  • Save time. Set and clarify your contract approvals process to get contracts completed and signed faster–especially with mobile capability and embedded DocuSign signature functions, and eliminate the all-too-familiar scramble of renewals, modifications, and audits.
  • Increase efficiencies. Even with multiple stakeholders involved in the contract process, we make it easy to track contract progress and automate processes like renewals, alerts, and approval workflows.
  • Improve fluidity. Boost visibility and communication for in-office and remote teams, and close deals faster.
  • Maintain security. Role-based access ensures each party sees only the data relevant to their department or position.