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Selectica closes acquisition of b-pack!
Offers end-to-end procurement solutions from source to pay.

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Selectica acquires IASTA
Now offers best-in-class
strategic supply management
software and services.

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Our story:
The engine that could

From Xerox PARC to IPO

Selectica was founded in 1996, built around technology that had been developed at Xerox PARC and driven by the vision that "selection and configuration expertise" could guide teams to make better decisions during the sales process. Our engineers created a powerful engine that allowed companies with the most complex catalogs and selling organizations to configure products and services easily and efficiently. Suddenly, those companies could reduce the time required to propose a solution, provide accurate pricing, and offer relevant bundles, discounts, and upsells. Quoting cycles decreased from weeks to hours, customer satisfaction grew, and the companies pulled in greater revenue faster. Selectica saw results too: In 2000, we joined the NASDAQ with a successful initial public offering (IPO).

Selectica sales configuration technology took users from request to quote, but something was missing. Stopping with the quote meant stopping before that document that cements a business relationship: The contract.

The move into contract management

In 2005 Selectica introduced Selectica Contract Performance Management (now Selectica Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)), a solution designed to take each and every contract from request, authoring, and negotiating to execution, ongoing obligations management, and renewal. Today, corporate, non-profit, and government organizations rely on Selectica CLM to get agreements signed quickly and efficiently and to store all of their contracts in a centralized, searchable repository.

Present day and beyond

Now nestled in San Mateo, California—one of the “cloudiest” places in the world—Selectica has brought its two technologies together and into the cloud. Our newest offering, Selectica Guided Selling, brings a step-by-step web interface to the powerful Selectica sales configuration engine that processes billions of dollars of transactions each year for many of the largest Fortune 500 companies. To make things even easier for sales teams, in June of 2012, Selectica launched Selectica Guided Selling for Salesforce to further streamline sales processes in a single UI.

Together, Selectica Guided Selling and Selectica CLM help growing companies close complex deals with ease.

Our customers span 20+ industries, including high-tech, manufacturing, telecommunications, government contracting, healthcare, and financial services, and they include some of the world's most successful companies. And our people? We're a team dedicated to our customers' success, constantly listening and innovating to make sure Selectica offers the most user-friendly, results-producing, killer apps on the market.