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Selectica Configure Price Quote


CPQ software that isn’t scared of complexity

Selectica configure price quote (CPQ) software slices through sales complexity to help best-in-class companies sell more. Selectica enables sales reps and channel partners to recommend the best combination of products and services, construct accurate quotes, and get contracts signed fast. With powerful, constraint-based configuration, step-by-step guided selling, and streamlined workflows for quote, proposal, and contract management, Selectica Cloud CPQ takes enterprise sales to the next level, increasing average deal size, accelerating sales cycles, and making global business faster and more efficient.

What the analysts say about CPQ software:

  • 105%

    larger average deal size

  • 49%

    higher proposal volume

  • 28%

    shorter sales cycles

  • 17%

    higher lead conversion rate

Stats taken from Aberdeen

Leading analysts endorse CPQ software

Configure price quote (CPQ) software is what sets best-in-class organizations apart when it comes to closing deals. Aberdeen Group reveals that "the majority of best-in-class firms—57%—currently deploy CPQ technologies, and every single additional top-performing firm—the remaining 43%—indicate a plan to do so within the next 12 months.

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Selectica bridges the gap between CRM and ERP

Explore what's included in Selectica CPQ

  • Configuration

    Selectica CPQ creates order around business complexity. Our powerful constraint-based configuration technology enables the world’s largest organizations to construct optimal deals without getting lost in the details, and build flawless quotes fast. Our patented, easy-to-administer technology enables reps and channel partners to generate feasible, correct combinations in every sales scenario, giving sales efficiency and effectiveness a major boost. Learn more »

  • Pricing

    Say "goodbye" to multiple price sheet versions, and say "hello" to an automated, cloud-based system that can deploy pricing changes globally in just ten minutes. Our CPQ software makes sure your global sales teams are offering deals based on up-to-the-minute pricing for products, services, bundles, and more. Learn more »

  • Quoting

    Keep the words “quote” and “bottleneck” from ever entering the same sentence. Selectica CPQ ensures that all sales reps and channel partners can quickly construct error- free quotes for customers every time, apply approved discounts without escalating to management, and reduce approval times from days to mere hours. Learn more »

  • Analytics

    Understand your business—and how to improve it—inside and out. Our executive analytics dashboards increase business visibility, with access to critical sales insights—such as most (and least!) popular products, most discounted products, average effective price to list price, and quote status. Make a direct impact on your next quarter’s numbers by catching which quotes are stalled or require additional approvals in time to take action. Learn more »

  • Contracts

    Ensure data flows seamlessly from quote to contract, then manage contracts throughout their lifecycle—from request, authoring, negotiation, and approval through ongoing obligations management, analysis, reporting, and renewal. Get more out of every account, and make sure no revenue opportunity is left on the table. Learn more »

  • Guided selling

    Empower new sales reps to sell like your seasoned pros, and your seasoned pros to easily maximize deal size and win more business. Guided selling leads sales teams and channel partners through a step-by-step questionnaire—based on your unique products and selling process—that results in the best and most accurate deals for prospects. Learn more »

  • Channel sales

    Set your sales channels up for success by helping them create compelling deals based on accurate product and pricing information. Selectica CPQ lets you set sales parameters based on role, geography, or other considerations to ensure your direct and indirect channels are enforcing your company’s best practices and offering perfectly configured deals. Learn more »

  • Administration

    Define your product and sales rules in Selectica Playbook, and then sit back and relax, knowing all deals are leveraging accurate data. Playbook lets approved users—even those without tech degrees—configure and reconfigure the rules that govern your sales process. Because Selectica Playbook houses your business rules in the cloud, you can push product and pricing changes through your organization and across the globe in no time flat. Learn more »