Contract Management

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)

Controlling risk, generating opportunities
and delivering business value—

Contract management gives you the competitive advantage.

Wider varieties of complex contracts, specialized business relationships, increased regulatory requirements and much greater risk are all being driven by the global economy. Effectively managing contracts in this environment is nearly impossible without complete visibility and controls in place.

Given the bottom-line impact of risk, compliance and corporate scrutiny, it's no wonder more companies are putting CLM at the top of their corporate agendas. Contract management helps turn potential revenue leaks into revenue generators to drive business further.

What the analysts say about CLM software:

  • 1-2%

    improvement in revenue

  • 50%

    reduction in contract cycle times

  • 25%

    improvement in contract renewal rates

  • 55%

    improvement in contract compliance

Stats taken from Forrester and Aberdeen

Explore the nine stages of Contract Lifecycle Management:

Contract Lifecycle Management
SmartContracts turns contracts into processes that
are dynamic, transparent and critical to mitigating
risks and driving business value.

(Point to each step for details)

SmartContracts, smarter process

Selectica SmartContracts® CLM is highly configurable, robust and scalable. Much more than just a repository or tactical contract creation tool, it gives you dynamic, enterprise-wide visibility and control over all of your contracts. Customized forms keep contracts simple, approved templates and clause libraries empower stakeholders to collaborate, tracking keeps everyone on the same page. Replace process inefficiencies and roadblocks with complete transparency and absolute compliance.

"CLM solutions can deliver significant benefits to organizations by eliminating the risk of penalties, lost revenue, lost brand, lost savings or lost opportunity through poorly administered or lost contracts."
—Nigel Montgomery

Compliance, collaboration, action

Compliance controls increase efficiency across the organization—HR, IT, real estate, along with sales and procurement. Contract obligations are automatically linked to commitments, and through cross-systems analytics, executives are able to understand and manage impacts on risk and spend. And ultimately, track the value being delivered to the business.

An even more powerful CLM

Selectica CLM integrates with all our strategic sourcing tools, so it's seamless as you go from selecting suppliers to getting the contract signed. It puts you in full control—from authoring and negotiating to managing risk, pursuing corporate goals and reducing cycle times. Nothing falls through the cracks, including savings and missed opportunities.

Integrates easily with your platform

SmartContracts configures flawlessly to any system. That means two-way compatibility with all leading ERP, CRP, SRM and procurement solutions; as well as business intelligence tools including SAP® Crystal Reports, IBM® Cognos® and SAP® BusinessObjects, via web services or Oracle JDBC.™ Seamless integration with gives you complete end-to-end functionality in standalone or Salesforce client mode.