Strategic Sourcing

Strategic Sourcing and eSourcing

SmartSource® eSourcing—
Tap into the power of our SaaS to realize
unparalleled savings potential.

You want to move fast and be more strategic to collaborate with key stakeholders and align with corporate goals. The challenge: Increase managed spend, secure unrealized savings, optimize supplier collaboration and ensure compliance.

SmartSource® eSourcing is the most configurable, scalable cloud-based solution available for achieving maximum efficiency and customer specific workflows. Our at-a-glance dashboard gives you global visibility into all suppliers, sourcing events and timelines from any angle, anytime. Evaluate spend, optimize current contracts and accelerate sourcing events with confidence. Simple to use, quick to adopt, rapid ROI.

Go beyond price points and put supplier-centric sourcing agility on your desktop (and devices), and stop leaving money on the table.

At a glance

Cutting-edge technology aggregates supplier information and leverages it to gain sourcing intelligence, cut spend and drive savings.

3 key benefits
  • Automates sourcing events, bid analysis, supplier information and other data.
  • Easy-to-use UI and navigation structure is quick to deploy for fast uptake so users make an impact right away.
  • Collaboration tools and tactics let teams focus on efficiency, supplier relationships and goal alignment.

Sourcing simplicity

eSourcing identifies and selects opportunities to reduce spend and simplify purchasing. It ensures the best pricing and value are locked in the contract, and consolidates proposals, quotes and bids from multiple suppliers for ease of comparison.

Supplier centricity

Make it easy for suppliers to offer you what you need at the best prices, terms and timeline by collaborating closely. You'll save more, align goals, and build relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Beyond three bids and a buy

Internal and external collaborative tools connect the dots between you, suppliers, spend data and contracts. Essential for RFx and auction efforts, advanced strategies, analytics and compliance/obligation management.

Competition drives savings through auctions

eSourcing puts sealed bids, dutch auctions, forward and reverse auctions in your competitive sourcing toolbox, making it easy to compare bids and achieve direct cost reductions.

Optimize complex sourcing awards

Decision optimization evaluates price factors against a variety of scenarios. Award business by specific geographical regions or guarantee a percentage of business to incumbents.

Better project management through visibility

Total visibility, whenever you need it, reduces risk from the supply base by integrating spend, contract management and supplier management into sourcing. With a compliance and regulatory monitoring overlay, sourcing takes the lead in aligning procurement goals with corporate strategies.