Strategic Sourcing

Spend Analysis Solutions

SmartAnalytics® Spend Analysis—
Vision to precision. Using spend intelligence to track
and make smarter spend decisions.

Take your disparate spend data out of the dark and onto a dashboard. Drill down to reveal valuable, untapped intelligence that does more than inform; you could potentially realize 30% more spend under management and up to 20% savings.

SmartAnalytics® Spend Analysis spells it all out—supplier terms, pricing, value-adds. How to strategize for supplier and purchasing consolidation, improve contracted rates and compliance. Turn millions of transactions into simple graphic interfaces. Generate customized reporting so you can accelerate data into actionable intelligence, plan and exceed annual savings goals.

In our first year we were able to leverage Spend Analytics from SmartAnalytics® suite of products allowing us to save $31.7 million from approx. $300 million in indirect spend—a 10% return!"
Greg Tennyson, CPO of VSP
At a glance

Turn comprehensive spend visibility into spend control, increased savings and goal alignment.

3 key benefits
  • Easy-to-use dashboards display and drill down deep into complex spend data.
  • Aggregate all spend data on all systems across enterprises and geographies.
  • Use insights to collaborate with suppliers and stakeholders.

See individual transactions and wider trends

Direct/indirect spend, top categories, biggest suppliers and more can all be searched and filtered on your dashboard. Quickly analyze complex supplier data and millions of transactions and track progress towards KPIs, anytime.

Multiple systems, single solution

Aggregate and organize all spend data—from AP to Pcard statements, ePurchasing and ERP systems. Analyze and categorize according to your needs to align goals.

Generate opportunities for strategic sourcing

Dynamic, customizable tools help identify the best of your myriad suppliers, for increased sourcing and saving opportunities, even if you have limited resources.

Optimize category analysis, maximize spend efficiency

Align category trends with spend volume—by geography and supplier groupings. Drive more value out of existing categories, whether through internal expertise or third-party advanced sourcing.

Work smarter, work collaboratively

Put stakeholders on the same page through collaboration. Develop custom reports on demand and share insights right in the program. Analyze data, seek approvals, make business decisions on the spot.